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Message from Management!

Well Hello folks!!!
Sorry for my lack of presence here.. I've been a bit busy with work ties.. I got promoted and it's kinda washed me out a bit.. but I'm back in action!!
I want to say a HUGE welcome to all our new members!!
And I know this is late but I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and a great new year!!

Queen business now..
This year will be my third year at the Official UK Queen convention - but it may be my last due to lack of funds/interest in the official FC!
A plea from myself - Please join and get all the Queen fans you know to join!!!
The general opinions lately has been 'Well if it's closing down why bother??' - but it wont close down if they get enough members! - Please don't let our fan club close down.. It was once in the Guinness book of world records!!

Also a personal invitation to a website I co-moderate.. We need some active Queen members with fresh ideas and opinions at - These are some personal friends of mine who I go to the convention with. They are lovely, welcoming people who have an extensive knowledge of Queen!
We need more members as the site recently closed down and we've re-opened it with a very small level of activity!
You're help would be very much appreciated :)
Lots of Love!
Nikki x
(Edit - the original link for Freinds of Queen was wrong!! Sorry I've changed it now and thanks for pointing it out :D)
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