Nikki Nakki Nokki Noo Noo! (nikukucha) wrote in deakyfreaks,
Nikki Nakki Nokki Noo Noo!

Long time no post!

Hello Dears!
Again I want to apologise for my long hiatus.. I've been extremely busy with work, family life and my Queen collecting!
I've just come home from the 21st Official Queen Fan Club Convention! It was a blinding weekend!
However, sadly the Fan Club is really going under - they have had to move from their office and have had to let go of Val who has been staff at the fan club for 15 years!
So again I want to plead with anyone who isn't a member please join!!
I have heard many negative things about the FC - Why join if it's going under, what does it offer us?
But £18 a year gets you the oppurtunity to go to the UK convention which is brilliant.. and for the non-uk fans - well it's hardly any money and it makes you PART of Queen history!! It owuld be a sad thing if the Fan club was to close, it was once so large is was in the Guinness World Records!!
Please join..

I hope to be more active soon, but unfortunatley I have only a little time online - and I use that to catch up on my Queen sites and Myspace. but I haven't abandoned you all!
Hope everyone is well :)

Nikki x
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