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The premiere John Deacon Community

Deaky Freaks - The premiere John Deacon community
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John Deacon is the Quiet, Wellspoken bassist of Queen who gets little credit for the fantastic work he did with the band.. When I tried searching for John Deacon communities I found none, so created this the first John Deacon community!!
John has written many famous Queen songs such as Another One Bites The Dust and I want To Break Free - which most of the population has heard of.. Yet most people think of Freddie Mercury, Brian May and Roger Taylor when they hear Queen songs.. What about poor (Talented) John??
John has recently 'Retired' from the band, severing ties with Brian and Roger on the remixes, DVD's and the new tour - thus leaving him in the background..

This community is for John fans AND Queen fans, to spread information, news and opinions about John and the rest of the band and of course to make friends! No opinion is too strong!

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Some info about the community;
Joining - Anyone can join, however the first post will be moderated, if the content is OK (As in not breeching the rules) You will be able to post without moderation.

What's allowed
- QUEEN Promotion
- Queen talk - this means not limited to the subject of John!
- Picture posting (please use you're common sense with lj-cuts)
- Debates.. as long as you don't get offensive!

Not allowed
- Spamming
- Advertising non-Queen sites - you'll get banned
- Flaming or abuse in anyway (Or making another member feel bad) - again you'll get banned

Thought I'd add this as an option for new members just to do a small introduction! It's not an application and if you prefer writing your own intro then by all means do so!

Name -
How did you get into Queen? -
Who is your fave mamber of Queen and why? -
What other bands do you like? -

We now have a SCAVENGER HUNT!!!! :D This week is - FIND A PICTURE OF JOHN PLAYING FLASH!!! :D Please join in, just post the picture and we'll all vote for a winner! :D (Who chooses the next hunt!)

nikukucha (Owner)